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Meet Our Board Members

Chris Withey - Chairman

As a resident of Whitmore for more than 45 years, Chris has a great and enthusiastic love for the Whitmore area and it's people. Despite having a full time job and family life, he still manages to find time to contribute to the Whitmore community as the Chairman of the Whitmore Community Center and a member of the W.V.F.C. Board of Directors. He can also be found behind the grill, managing the kitchen and guiding volunteers at every monthly breakfast hosted by the W.C.C. You'll likely see him at nearly every community meeting or event of any sort, lending a hand in any way that's needed.

Tania Greenwood - Vice Chairman

Tania, a lifelong resident of Shasta County, moved with her family to Whitmore more than 13 years ago. As the owner of the Whitmore General Store and a board member of the Whitmore Community Center, Tania is actively involved in the promotion of local events, fundraising activities and community information. With a long history of business and office management, she brings well practiced skills to the table by helping to manage social media and the online presence of the W.C.C. as well as the Community Action Group and the W.F.S.C.

Sara West - Secretary

Sara, working full time as a nurse at a local hospital, also calls Whitmore home. She and her husband are both active members of our local Whitmore Volunteer Fire Department and often fill the role of first responders to medical and fire emergencies in Whitmore and surrounding areas. She regularly contributes her time and energy to a multitude of fundraising events for the W.V.F.C. and helps to manage the Silent Auction for the Whitmore Mountain Music Faire hosted every May by our local volunteer fire department and it's team of supporters, the Firecrackers.

Joe Mello - Treasurer

Joe and his wife are recent newcomers to the Whitmore area, but have embraced the community as though they have lived here forever. Retired from his long career in management with Toyota, Joe and his wife have returned to their roots of small town living by leaving the hustle and bustle of city life in San Jose and heading for the hills. Realizing the importance of a well prepared, fire safe community, Joe has quickly become a valuable asset to the W.F.S.C. bringing with him the perspective of experiencing life in Whitmore for the first time.

Bill Ellis - Board Member

Bill, a well experienced contractor and extremely talented carpenter, is also a highly active member of the Whitmore community as a member of our local volunteer fire department for more than 30 years, and the acting chief since 1995. He is most often found with his wife Holly at his side, devoting their time & effort to everything "Whitmore". Their participation in nearly every fundraising project for the W.V.F.C. and providing guidance and support for many volunteers and community members has proven to be invaluable to many in our area.

Art Tilles - Board Member

Dr. Tilles wears many hats in our little town, one of them being the Board Chairman for our local volunteer fire company. After retiring from the Air Force he took up a lifelong career as a dentist and is now happily retired. Every Whitmore Newsletter begins with a greeting from Dr. Tilles about various community events and interests, as well as updates from the W.V.F.C. Board of Directors. His love for the Whitmore area and the well being of the people in it shines through in every task he undertakes.

Joe Rodrigues - Board Member

Joe is a man of many skills, his most favorite being under the hood tinkering with one engine or another, or behind the wheel on the dirt track, once winning the 1980 California Street Stock Championship. After he retired from active duty in the Air Force, Joe took on a job with AC Transit in the Bay Area , eventually moving on to a position with Kenitic Wind-Power as a supervisor of research & development in the Power Electronics Lab. Now, willing to donate his time and talents to a wide array of projects, Joe and his wife Diane have contributed many hours towards ensuring the success of many community events benefiting the W.V.F.C.

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