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Whitmore FIREWISE Neighborhoods


In June of 2018, during the early days of the Whitmore Fire Safe Council, we began the process of researching the FIREWISE Neighborhoods program sponsored by the National Fire Prevention Association. The central idea of the FIREWISE program is to encourage neighbors to help each other & community members to work together towards a common goal of making their community fire safe. As part of the N.F.P.A. FIREWISE program, the Whitmore Fire Safe Council has been hard at work developing new ways to communicate and network with your friends and neighbors in Whitmore as we work to make our community fire-safe. In June of 2019, the process was completed and the community of Whitmore became an officially recognized FIREWISE site. For more information on the FIREWISE program please visit the N.F.P.A. website:

To download a copy of the FIREWISE Activities Time Sheet, please click here...

FIREWISE Activities Matching Funds Recording Sheet

As part of our FIREWISE program, we have divided the Whitmore area of nearly 155 square miles into 9 individual neighborhoods... This was part of the beginning stages of the phone tree program. We have since set up a Facebook group page for each of the 9 FIREWISE neighborhoods. Please take a moment to review the list below and share it with your friends, family and neighbors here in Whitmore. If you are unsure which neighborhood group to join or who your Resident Leader is, please contact us and we can provide you with that information.


As part of our emergency notification program, we have also created a Facebook Group chat for local emergency notifications. For more information, please click here...

In order to join your neighborhood group to see posts, comment and share, visit our main Facebook page to get started...

You’ll find instructions and a list of each FIREWISE Neighborhood. These groups are meant for use by current residents and landowners in the Whitmore area. These are closed groups, so only members can see the content, posts, comment or share to the group. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please feel free to contact us through our main Facebook page, our website, or drop by the Whitmore General Store.

Individual Groups & Resident Leaders

  • Whitmore Rd West - David Roth

  • South Cow Creek & Hufford - Joe & Deborah Pulcini

  • Blue Mountain Rd. - Vicki Sands & Ruth Patrick

  • Whitmore Rd. East - Holly Ellis

  • Fern Rd. East - R.V. Scheide

  • Fern Rd. North - Maria Burnham

  • Fern Rd. West - Clint & Molly Rogers

  • Bateman & Tamarack - Vacant

  • Ponderosa Way - Vacant

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Emergency Notification Phone Tree Program

Click on the link below to download and print your copy of the phone tree information card.

W.F.S.C. Phone Tree Card

You can return your information card to us by mail at the adress shown on the form, or drop it off to the Whitmore General Store at 30560 Whitmore Rd.


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