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There are so many things you can do to make your home and property fire safe! When you submit your hours, it helps us keep our certification as a nationally recognized FIREWISE Community, and helps us obtain grants and funding to keep our area fire safe.


To Report your Fire Safe Activities & Hours


To Report your Fire Safe Activity Expenses



What qualifies for matching funds for Firewise grants?


Any time or money you spend on your home and/or surrounding property for the purpose of reducing the probability of wildfire loss. Examples of activities that    will qualify related to homes and outbuildings are:

  • Removing trees, brush, grass from around your structures.

  • Cleaning gutters of pine needles and other debris.

  • Cleaning the roof, and clearing anything flammable from within three feet of the base of any structure as well as from decks and walkways.

  • Removing tree limbs less than six-ten feet from the ground around structures.

  • Replacing a shake-shingle roof, wood siding or windows with a non-flammable alternative.

  • Hiring someone to clear and/or thin vegetation around your home and property.

  • Purchases of equipment or supplies to perform fire safe work & activities.

  • Replacing flammable materials on or around your home with Class A rated or non combustible materials (ei: replacing a wood deck with composite materials or replacing a wood fence with vinyl).

  • Relocating firewood piles or other flammable materials/objects away from your home or other structures.

  • Developing alternative evacuation routes/exits on your property.


The following volunteer activities will also qualify for Firewise matching funds. (Volunteer time is recorded at the rate posted at

  • Firewise/Fire Safe Council Board meetings.

  • Firewise/Fire Safe Council community events.

  • Family preparation for wildfire.

  • Practicing evacuation plans and routes.

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